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3 Life lessons from Federer Nadal match

What an epic tennis match it was on Sunday night. Australian Open final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Roger and Rafa at their best, this time Roger won and I must admit I was barracking for him.  I equally enjoyed his speech and his post match interviews. Few gems:

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Freedom from your Inner Critic

When was the last time you felt okay for no good reason? The last time you were simply happy being yourself just the way you are; without any self judgments? And how long did it last? In this talk I introduce you to your Inner Critic, your Judge Within and offer you a few simple techniques to begin freeing yourself from the shackles of your inner judge to be able to feel simply okay with yourself more often.

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“Don’t judge me!” Is judgement always harmful?

Judgment is not necessarily always harmful. Is judgement helpful or harmful?“Don’t judge me!” could be both a powerful liberating statement and a misguided one creating misunderstanding and separation. Have you ever wondered what judgement actually is? If it is just harmful, then how can we know good from bad and legitimately express our preferences in life and in our relationships? Many of us have a conflicting or ambivalent understanding of judgement. I believe that gaining a clearer understanding of judgment can be extremely helpful and empowering in our relationship with ourselves and with others.

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9 Personality Traits Blocking Happiness & A Sure Way to Let It Find You

Almost everyone would be in pursuit of happiness at some stage of their lives. Most people seek happiness all of their lives and would miss it even in front of their noses. The truth is that authentic happiness is not something to attain by pursing it, it can only ensue. Ultimately it can only ensue as a result of dedicating one’s life to knowing oneself. Now this journey of self-knowing takes many different shapes depending on the circumstances and the life stage one is in. For instance Viktor Frankl; highly respected neurologist and psychiatrist and a Holocaust survivor; puts it this way:

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