The busy man and his saw

Very often I come across people who are so tied up feverishly putting time and effort in everyday activities such as family matters, work, study, friends, aspirations, check list travelling (ticking off more places and tourist attractions) even shop-around self-development (jumping from one self-development work to the next in search of the latest and the

Warren Buffett–what can we learn from a natural authentic wealth builder?

Unlike someone like Donald Trump–who despite his billions, everything about him comes across as fake–Warren Buffett is a natural authentic wealth builder; what can we learn from Warren? In relation to our recent theme of money–and that money is not inherently bad or “evil”– I meant to write about the famous billionaire Warren Buffett as

New Year’s Resolutions…why we abandon them & how to succeed

The New Year is almost upon us and the tradition calls for people making their New Year’s Resolutions. Losing weight/getting fit, improving one’s financial situation (debt management, getting a better job, …), creating better relationship with family and friends, and quitting smoking or alcohol are consistently among the most popular New Year’s resolutions every year.

Consumerism, an extreme sport?!

Stampedes, screaming and gun threats: US holiday shopping sours Watch this video and read the article on the Age website today!! OMG, where are we heading as species?!?! Modern man evolving...adding "Shop-o- maniac " to our gene pool  :)   Or perhaps future generation babies will  probably be born with an iPhone instead of a