ali-vs-foremanToday we really need more Heroes and less Champions or Winners or Number Ones.

Listen to what George Foreman has to say about Muhammad Ali and his non aggression in the heat of the moment when he was knocked out by Ali. How Ali had a chance to finish him off while he was stumbling down the floor of the ring but he didn’t punch him again. Foreman: “…I would have….and that’s what made him in my mind the greatest fighter I ever fought”:

Foreman is a retired American professional boxer, former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, Olympic gold medallist, ordained Baptist minister, author, and entrepreneur.

Ali is a true hero, not just a champion; and in my eyes so is the Foreman of today.

You can watch the actual scene here:

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  1. Navid August 7, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    This is about what we call it ” fair play” . You can hardly see this kind of respect to the humanity in any sort of sports these days. Everyone is trying for gold and not caring about what they are supposed to do as an athlete. It seems the philosophy of fair play is going to be forgotten amongst the new generation as what they see and play in the computer games are all about killing the others and collecting more points. But , those days even in such a cruel game, I reckon, Mohammad Ali was following his faith and at the moment he would have thought that he should follow his spiritual leader” Imam Ali” ( like what he did in the war) or remembered Imam hossein’s saying : try to be a freeman, even if you are not following any religion/party,…

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