Frequent “senior moments”? You are not alone; and you can improve

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In light of the recent infamous "senior moment" suffered by the NSW premier Barry O'Farrell (which cost him his job), when he forgot about the $3000 bottle of wine he received as a gift, John Elder wrote this interesting article in the Sunday Age which I thought to share with you. Some highlights of the

Achievement by presence: you cannot make halva if you are not home

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Nasreddin (or Nasrudin) is a satirical Sufi figure who is believed to have lived around the 13th century. A contemporary of Rumi; Nasreddin was a populist philosopher and wise man, remembered for his funny stories and anecdotes. Today, I'd like to share with you one of Nasreddin's stories in relation to the wisdom of achieving our true resolutions more effectively by being present.

Six Steps to Living in the Moment

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Following form the last post asking Rumi about time and presence; about living in the now; here are six steps that would help you understand this paradoxical  practice a little deeper and at a more practical level. In The Art of Now: Six Step to Living in the Moment Jay Dixit explains mindfulness  in a fresh, practical

The Deeper Meaning Of Compassion

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By GERTI SCHOEN, MA, LP  (Reblogged from psychCentral) Compassion is a word that can feel a bit overused these days. Everyone seems to remind us to be compassionate with ourselves and others. But there is immense worth to the concept and the deeper meaning behind it. I’ve been reading a classic in the great variety of

Clutter is a source of stress. Practical tips for getting organised

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9 Lesser-Known Tips for Getting & Staying Organized Clutter is a significant source of stress for a lot of people, particularly in today's consumerist society where we accumulate more and more stuff. Following is a very useful post from by By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. which I recommend reading if clutter is a problem for you: 9

Messiness is simply being human, so is divinity; listen to Rumi

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"Who am I?" Rumi poem with original Persian recitation Rumi's poetry could be truly transformative. This is one of the ones I loved so much that I decided to translate it to English (Rumi wrote predominantly in his mother tongue, Persian). It beautifully describes the messiness of being a human; struggling with temptations, insecurities, thoughts

Mindfulness (past event)

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  Mindfulness Practice for a harmonious life Free Seminar - Sunday 21 July 2013 Presented by Dr Kaveh Monshat and hosted by Hamid Homayouni Join this free seminar to experience and know more about mindfulness practice and its benefits in your life. Recently mindfulness practice has become increasingly incorporated into Western medical and mental health care.

We see what we believe. How reliable is your mind?

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Can you truly see what is in front of you? Is seeing really believing? Can you really see other people’s perspectives? Our minds are amazing but in doing what they are designed to do –particularly in today’s busy world saturated with sensory inputs and information overload– they can filter out critical information in favour of speed of

Unhappy at work? Feeling stuck? Might not need to change jobs yet!

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Be ‘awake at work’ and uncover what’s best for you Many Australians are not happy with their jobs. According to the ABC Local Radio’s  morning show last week,  a recent survey about job satisfaction in Australia showed that over 45% of Australians are not quite satisfied with their jobs (20% not happy, 26.8% not sure).