The Jesus within – let the pains lead you to your true self

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Enjoy the festive season, but do not despair if the fun does not last, welcome it. Should you at some stage feel emptiness, face those "so what" moments, or suffer existential pains; do not despair. Do not ignore your experience either and do not even try changing it with different, new or more intense activities.

Transpersonal Psychology presentation: Self-realisation in Rumi’s psychology

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Transpersonal Psychology is gradually gaining more interest and it is my privilege to be giving a presentation this coming Wednesday for the Transpersonal Psychology Interest Group (TPIG) of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). The details from Dr Jonathan Tandos; Acting National Convenor TPIG APS; are below. Self-realisation in Rumi’s psychology: Journey of transformation from ego self to

Dear Rumi…Why so much injustice and inequality?

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Rumi Calendar – Response to the October Question If Divine Justice exists why is there so much injustice in the world? Why so much inequality, why do some people live in security and comfort, while many others live under horrendous conditions? Why so many people are continually grappling with human rights abuses, hunger, disease and

Dear Rumi…Tell me about forgiveness

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Rumi Calendar – Response to the September Question White doves and Mpatapo, the Adinkra symbol of reconciliation and peace. [1] Tell me about forgiveness. Why should I forgive and how? Why is there so much hate and revenge? Thankfully one can still witness many instances of compassion, humanity and cooperation. Nevertheless it seems

Love hurts…it has to…to wake you up!

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This is a follow up post from last month’s “Dear Rumi, What is true love?“.  I am writing this to emphasise three things: Firstly that the “capital letters True Love” is not something other worldly, it is not something higher and separate from us to achieve, it is our fabric and true nature; we only need to be able to experience ourselves as true love. Secondly ...

Dear Rumi…What is True Love?

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Rumi Calendar - Response to the August Question What is True Love? Why are there so many unhappy relationships and broken hearts? Love which is based on just a pretty face; is not true love, it ends in sheer disgrace.  ~Rumi [1] [See also the follow up post "Love has wake you up!"

Dear Rumi…Do I have free will?

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Rumi Calendar - Response to the June Question: Free Will or Fatalism Do I have free will and choice in life or is it all predetermined? What does "acceptance and surrender" mean in real life? Do we have free will or is all fate bound, predestined and predetermined? This is an age old unanswered question