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Hamid Homayouni 

With nearly twelve years of life coaching experience founded upon many years of corporate as well as community work, ranging from technical to managerial, entrepreneurial and volunteer work; Hamid is considered a highly experienced coach with excellent grasp of both the ideals and practicalities of work and life, as well as intercultural sensitivities.

Hamid’s qualifications include: Graduate Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Master’s Degree in Information Systems, and ongoing Professional Development. Furthermore, he has been on the path of self-realisation for many years and has received advanced training in The Enneagram system.

More about Hamid in his own words:

For me InnerChange is not a business, it is rather a true expression of my being, of my heart and soul. Once before I thought I had put my heart and soul into another work; a high-tech start up offering Internet based services back when hardly anyone had heard of Cloud-Services. As one of the main founders, I was very attached to that business which I eventually had to let go. As thrilling as the journey was, that whole failed experience was the beginning of a very valuable lesson I needed to receive about myself. My external gaze towards worldly success and seeking happiness outside was shattered and gradually gave way to the truth of life:
A fulfilling life is not about going and arriving somewhere out there or up there; it is rather about knowing that we are all complete and okay at our core and recognising the barriers that block us from knowing ourselves in that way. That is the journey of life worth taking. Other journeys might promise success, happiness and power but such achievements are temporary, are not fluffing in the long run, and do not bring about true happiness and peace of mind. (You can read more about this in my Values and Ways.)

I work in a result oriented yet open, flexible and organic manner. I genuinely love helping people find themselves and be themselves, living a fulfilling life. But I also recognise that I am not able to help everyone. A key lesson I learned early on in my counselling and coaching days (backed by evidence based research) is that the effectiveness of therapy or coaching is not primarily about the mode, style or the technique deployed. Successful outcomes primarily depend on two areas; client strengths and the therapeutic alliance, which basically means the quality of client-coach relationship:

  • Your Strengths: Every client has a range of strengths whether they are aware of them or not. If you were my client, it would be my job to identify those strengths and re-equip you to leverage those in a new area of your life.
  • Our Relationship: Can we establish an effective client-coach relationship? You can start assessing this by getting to know me a little bit better through browsing around this site, read my blog posts, and check my client testimonials. Even better, you can contact me to book a free initial consultation session.

Contact me to book your Free Initial Consultation session.

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