Life or life situation, which one deserves our attention?

Couple of weeks ago I was consoling a friend who had been going through some rough patches lately. He then recalled a story that his father had told him when he was younger relaying the fact that no matter what we wish for, life always has ups and downs in

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Little pond of “Now”: a poem

(Little pond of "Now" is the name I have given to a selection from Sohrab Sepehri's long poem Water's Footfall.*)   Life is taking a dip,in the little pond of “Now”.Let’s take off our clothes,the water is just a step away.Let’s taste the light. Little pond of "Now" I hear

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Lesson 2020: Expect the Unexpected. Breathe, Renew

What an unprecedented year the 2020 has been! There are many lessons to learn, but the one that stands out for me is to expect the unexpected. Few days ago while enjoying the beauty of nature out on the balcony, I spontaneously sat down and started my daily meditation. With

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Coronavirus: Ok to be alarmed but don’t overreact

(Update 16 Apr 20: The situation is more under control in Australia as the curve has flattened; while some other parts of the world are still in shocking condition. With the lockdowns and various levels of social restrictions, and many working from home or having lost their jobs, the advice

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