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You are welcome to read and are encouraged to share your comments. But, please know that nothing here is concrete or necessarily coherent. My writings evolve as I evolve. I sometimes laugh at my earlier writings that I once took seriously.

Truth is always fresh, let’s not try freezing it with our rigid ideas and beliefs.

Inspired Living Podcast – Jane Webster

Listen now In conversation with author and culinary experience entrepreneur Jane Webster Who does not want to live an inspired life? A life that despite challenges and hardships, despite the failures and setbacks, despite all the self-doubts and hesitations;

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Forgiveness after a brutal attack. Heart of gold shines

When I read the shocking news of this horrific senseless attack on American surgeon Dr Edmund Pribitkin and his teenage son Edik in Melbourne, I felt sad, angry, baffled and ashamed; but most significantly I felt touched by the victim's heart of gold and his capacity to forgive. Firstly

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Walking Meditation

If you are one of the many people who really wishes to give meditation a go but finds sitting meditation really difficult, why not try walking meditation? In fact, walking meditation can help with two of the five pillars of brain health which neuroscientists recommend (see 5 Factors to Boost Brain Health). Because it combines exercise and stress reduction through mindfulness in one activity. Particularly during the holiday season, you can take a walk down the beach, in the park, or go bush walking mindfully.

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5 Factors to Boost your Brain Health

The holiday season is upon us, and most people are already in a heightened mode of operation. There is activity everywhere, to wrap up the end-of-year tasks, do the Christmas shopping, prepare for family reunion or travelling, and so on; followed by two or three weeks of change from our routines. This can be all good fun, and a restorative period for our mental health if we observe few simple tips.

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Irony of buying Einstein’s advice on happiness

It was in the news recently that an advice on a note written by Albert Einstein describing his theory of happiness has sold for US$1.56 million at a Jerusalem auction. See here or here. And what did the note read? “A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.” -Einstein

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