Sohrab Sepehri: a biography

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Sohrab Sepehri was born on 6 October 1928 in Qom, Iran (Most biographies show Kashan as his birthplace. His descendants were from Kashan and he grew up in Kashan, so he is from Kashan but born in Qom according to his posthumously published autobiography and the credible Encyclopaedia Iranica website). Born with an artistic pedigree

Why choose InnerChange

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We help your transition from hard times to a fulfilling life Like millions today you might be struggling with issues related to work, relationship, self-confidence, looking for happiness and meaning. You might be a worrier; living in the past, regretting or missing it and have fear of what may come! Maybe you blame yourself for not

The InnerChange way

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A natural climber spiralling through its life stages in the ever changing flux of being. The InnerChange way is not a totally new way, it is founded on Timeless Universal wisdom and is shaped by modern psychological findings to engage and address the real problems we face today. It probably won’t resonate with

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