The New Biology – From Victim to Master of Your Health

If you feel inadequate in achieving your goals, or feel unhappy about your life, work, relationships or even about your physical health, then it’s time to check your fundamental beliefs and perceptions. Particularly if you know that the unacceptable situation you are in, feels familiar and sort of unavoidable because you seem to keep falling into similar traps time and time again.

There’s probably nothing new about the power of beliefs, but what is significant is the power that our mind has over our biology, our gene activity and our cells. Each one of us is a community of more than 50 trillion cells governed by our mind; and the good news is that in contrast to the currently dominant scientific belief that we are mostly the victims of our genetic inheritance, we really are not.  We can change and heal ourselves by disengaging from our beliefs and perceptions!

Dr Bruce Lipton is a pioneering biologist in the field of epigenetics as well as a prominent  figure in the movement to reintroduce the truth of ancient wisdom back in to science and society. Bruce Lipton was in Melbourne recently and I attended his highly engaging full day seminar which he presented together with Gregg Braden. Bruce is also the author of a number of illuminating and empowering books such as ‘Biology of Belief’ and ‘Spontaneous Evolution’. In this post I’d like to share with you one of his key findings which can help us live a healthier happier and more fulfilling life, individually and collectively.

In the video below, Dr Wayne Dyer interviews Dr Bruce Lipton. It is a very good summary of the findings about beliefs and genes. The part I particularly like is about the placebo effect in which Bruce Lipton talks about a study done to assess the effectiveness of Arthroscopic knee surgery. A surgeon in Huston conducted a placebo surgery on a patient in which he did nothing but cutting two incisions in the patient’s knee and then stitching them up.  During the operation the surgeon put on the video screen the recording of  a previously conducted operation of someone else, purporting that the picture was live screening of this operation. Amazingly, the results of  actual and placebo surgeries were  equally the same.

Despite the failure of the Human Genome Project to find 100,000 genes and the discovery that genes are not self-emergent, the public continues to believe in genetic determinism.

Dr Lipton’s research suggest that we are not the victims of our genes. That our genes do not turn on and off and do not control anything. Instead, our environment, beliefs and perceptions do. In other words, if you believe you cannot do something, or that you are bad or you have a terminal disease, you sure are right; and if you believe otherwise you are also right!

“Believing is seeing”, is the title of  chapter 1 of the book, Spontaneous Evolution, in which Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman share with us a number of engaging examples of the power of mind over matter; such as spontaneous remission of terminally ill patients; and then go on to offer valuable insight into the science behind such superhuman powers.

The power of change is within us! However, to activate the amazing power of mind over genes we must  reconsider our fundamental beliefs–our perceptions and misperceptions–of life.

In other parts of the book, it is argued and demonstrated how both the established religion and science (scientism) rub us off our personal powers by convincing us that they are the “official” truth provider–religious men in their black coats and men of scientism in their white coats!  The false story of the scientism tells us that 1) Only matter matters. 2) Survival of the fittest hypothesis, creating a dog-eat-dog-world out there. 3) It’s in your genes and we are run by our so called “selfish genes” .And 4) that evolution is random. It goes without saying that religious establishments also have their own dogma and manners of keeping people ignorant and ‘under control’.

It is time to free ourselves from any such dogma and put more effort into learning about the new scientific evidence turning the old scientism on its head as well us trusting our own personal experience without the need for the men (or women) in black robes. Fortunately nowadays we can all have access to the timeless wisdom and are able to test things out for ourselves; if we choose to do so. Resources such as people, books, web sites, movies, technologies, wisdom practices and so on are readily available, but be cautious as there is also a lot of garbage out there produced by a range of people from ignorant to those with malicious intent. So be skeptic and put more effort in checking out such claims before investing too much into them.

There is so much to write about which won’t fit in this short post. So I encourage you to watch the videos I’ve posted here (or many others available on the web), and check out the books mentioned here.

Th short video below is called “The New Biology – From Victim to Master of Your Health“. Here Bruce talks about the “Central dogma” of genetics, and the path offered by the new biology and epigenetics.


The video below is a longer interview in which Bruce Lipton is interviewed about his ‘Spontaneous Evolution’ book.

Again, after all, the key is to be increasingly self-aware, mindful and present to notice your beliefs and conditioning in various situations in daily life, and purposefully go about disengaging from your perceptions and misperceptions about life and your self.

Be present, find yourself, be yourself.