If someone asks you ‘How are you feeling?’ are you able to go beyond the ‘I feel good’ or ‘I feel bad’? You should not be surprised to know that for some people that’s the limit of their level of connection with their feelings. For some others it can go a little deeper; they might express they are  feeling happy, joyful, angry, sad, guilty, envious and so on. But the variety of our feelings and emotions is actually much broader. The more we become familiar with them; even with their names; the more we can be in touch with the truth of our moment and hence be more capable of responding wisely to our life situations.

To help you get started, here are some resources:

Why Not Give it a Go!

I invite you to get started today and familiarise yourself with the broad range of feelings and emotions that you can experience. Then begin noticing your own feelings in various day-to-day situations. You would be surprised how much this self-knowing can help you to become more responsive to life situations, and consequently to be fresher and more effective instead of behaving in the usual conditioned manner.