Mindfulness Practice

for a harmonious life

Free Seminar – Sunday 21 July 2013

Presented by Dr Kaveh Monshat and hosted by Hamid Homayouni

Join this free seminar to experience and know more about mindfulness practice and its benefits in your life.

Recently mindfulness practice has become increasingly incorporated into Western medical and mental health care. Its role in allowing greater well-being in the workplace and in the community at large has also gained attention.

Greater moment to moment awareness of our experience has been lauded as a path to clarity and peace of mind for centuries in many different spiritual and philosophical traditions.

A non-judgmental attitude and an orientation to gentleness and compassion go hand in hand with seeing things as they are in the service of a more harmonious life. 


In this session a brief overview of what mindfulness involves and the research evidence pointing to its benefits is followed by an optional group meditation practice and an opportunity to discuss this experience.

About Dr Kaveh Monshat:

Kaveh Monshat is a consultant psychiatrist in private practice and a lecturer at Melbourne University based at St Vincent’s Hospital. His work is focussed on teaching mindfulness to hospital patients, medical students and the general public. He is part of several research projects investigating how people understand and work with mindfulness practice and what benefits it brings to them.


Sunday 21st July 2013,

11:00 am – 1:00 pm


Doncaster Senior Citizens Centre,

901 Doncaster Rd.

East Doncaster.

Melway Ref 47 K1

Admission:  Free

Sponsored by 

Australian-Iranian Society of Victoria (AISOV) 

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