DSM5Antidepressants can be useful and have their place in the treatment of depression. However, if you or someone you know has been hastily prescribed antidepressants or have become dependant on such pills over time, please watch this report from France24 and revisit your doctor to ensure you really need to continue taking them. Also ask to be reassessed as to whether seeing a psychologist or psychotherapist to get counselling sessions in conjunction with the antidepressants might be of benefit to you or your loved one who is suffering depression.

GP’s are honest, hard working professionals who have the best interest of their patients at heart; however in today’s  fast paced and commercially cut throat world, they are mostly put under immense pressure; so patients should also take personal responsibility to be informed and ask their doctors for regular review and reassessments.


Click here to watch the France 24 report by A. Laïdi and S. de la Forterie

“Are drug companies pushing to change the definition of mental illness for their own benefit? The controversy centres on a book that’s been billed as “The Psychiatrist’s Bible”: the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM for short. It catalogues mental disorders and their symptoms. Last year, the fifth version of the book came out, unleashing a storm of criticism. Some accuse its authors of bowing to the lobbying of the pharmaceutical industry in order to sell more drugs.”