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December 2012

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Christmas and the 2013 New Year are almost upon us, so I thought it’d be appropriate to dedicate most of this issue to, well Christmas and New Year; in the context of life dilemmas, decisions, renewal and harmony.

The articles offered are not just abstract ideas, we’ve tried to tackle real life issues, including one’s relationships with money, weight loss and image, religion, trauma and self-worth; and provide practical tools and tips.

I hope you enjoy this issue and that it’ll be of some help to you on your journey of personal and spiritual growth.

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-Hamid Homayouni

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New Year’s Resolutions:

Why we abandon them & how to succeed

Losing weight, improving one’s financial situation, creating better relationship with family and friends, and quitting smoking or alcohol are consistently among the most popular New Year’s resolutions every year.
However, most of us abandon our resolutions quickly; and those who make it–through sheer willpower and discipline–may taste the satisfaction but deep down may not feel fulfilled.

In this article, life coach Hamid Homayouni argues that the main reason why we abandon our resolutions is because they are probably the wrong ones for us to start with. He’ll then offer a few tips and a practical technique to have a better shot at identifying what resolution you should pick for yourself this year to have a better chance at succeeding.   >Read article 

Fate, destiny, success, worth: some words for the wounded

Experienced psychologist Torrey Orton shares his therapy room wisdom with us as to what qualities and capabilities are needed for the ‘wounded’ to recover; and he explores the common question of “Why me?” in the context of fate, destiny and self-worth.

“Often enough a client shows up with a major trauma of long duration and intensity – the kind which makes them repeatedly wonder why did this happen to me. They elevate their pain by declaring themselves responsible in part for the trauma, by feeling guilty about it!! In a way, people who show up for therapy think they have to fix themselves, not that others have to fix themselves. …To have hope of recovery from their injuries, the client requires these: … >Read article 

Why didn’t the World End Yesterday:

NASA’s video news the day after 21 Dec 2012 !

By now most probably have heard of some people’s interpretation of the amazingly advanced Mayan calendar and predicting that the world would come to an end on the 21st of this month. Of-course that won’t happen!

“NASA is so sure the world won’t come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012, they have already released a video and news item for the day after.” Watch this great video by NASA.   >Watch video

Christmas reflections:

Mary and Jesus in Islamic and Sufi traditions

Melbournian-Egyptian Sufi and Islamic researcher Adel Gaballa has devoted two years of his life on researching and writing a book (yet to be published) about what has been written about Mary and Jesus in the Quran, Prophet Muhammad Hadith (discourses), and the vast Islamic mystical literature of the Sufi men and women. Adel offers us here a small selection from his book as a necessary step in reducing the unfortunate widening chasm between Islam and Christianity in today’s troubled world.

“When love attains its longing place in the human heart, desire for conflict and separation from fellow humans leaves the heart. The light of love fills up the conditioned mind and liberates it from its conditioned thinking and limitations. It is then, that the enlightenment of the human consciousness takes its first steps on the road of divine wisdom and learning. Jesus and Mary have a revered and special place in Islam; and in these troubled times of conflict and separation I thought to share some of the beautiful Islamic writings about Jesus and Mary with you as prelude to the approaching Christmas time.”  >Read article 

Know the truth:

The ‘Wonder Why Why’ method

How much do you know about your real motives underneath your life decisions? What is really underneath that feeling of anger, frustration, dread, responsibility, guilt, low energy, and so on? The true answer is nowhere else but within you. Life Coach Hamid Homayouni offers a simple yet powerful method that helps you see more of the truth of the situation by getting to know yourself in a deeper and more direct manner. Two examples are also provided; one to do with the truth underneath one person’s wanting to loose weight, and the other example is about what might be underneath one’s resolution to make more money.   >Read article 

Meditation can be fun!

Your to-do list is killing you?

You Need a ‘To Be’ List

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