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January 2013

“Where is the knowledge that is lost in information?

Where is the wisdom that is lost in knowledge?” 

T.S. Eliot 

Dear subsriber

Hope you enjoyed the break and are back on deck revitalised and full of life.

At times like this–when the calendar renewal and holiday seasons create a group momentum towards renewal and revival–it is very powerful to consider the continual renewal of life which is happening moment by moment. To wonder what if you could live in the moment all year round without the need for the calendar days, weeks, months and years to tick over to the next, to force you to do something fresh and new?

Ancient wisdom or Perennial Philosophy tells us that living in the now, in the moment (not for the moment), is the key to living a meaningful, joyful and fulfilling life.

This of course is easier said than done; we humans are complex and create so many problems to block ourselves from tasting the freshness of the present moment and embodying its power.

Where does the new come from? Where does the old disappear into? / If not for the truth that; beyond the walls of our perceptions; existence is boundless.

Existence flows like water in a stream; it just appears bounded to us! / The old passes by…the new arrives fresh…forever…where is the Source then?

-Rumi (see full post)

In this issue we have tried to offer you more tips and insights to help overcome blocks, such as our beliefs and conditioned behaviour, our attitude towards work, as well as tapping into our inner wisdom by including our heart and body in our decisions.

I hope you enjoy this issue and that it’ll be of some help on your journey of personal and spiritual growth.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the floods and bushfires across the states in Australia.

Keep helping us improve by sending your comments and feedback.

-Hamid Homayouni.

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Unhappy at work? Feeling stuck? Might not need to change jobs yet!

Be ‘Awake at work’ and uncover what’s best for you

Many Australians are not happy with their jobs. A recent survey about job satisfaction in Australia shows that over 45% of Australians are not quite satisfied with their jobs. I’m not surprised, I regularly come across quite a number of people from all walks of life who are not happy with their jobs.

Well, the problem is that most of us cannot simply switch jobs if we are not happy. There are many practical and mental blocks preventing one from walking into boss’s office and giving him and his job the flick. Most have financial commitments, families to support, hopes and aspirations, fears, entrenched beliefs about work and work ethics;  you might  be in an older age category when retraining and transitioning into another work area would be practically impossible. Or perhaps you might be between jobs and under similar stresses because it feels extremely difficult to find a new job in your own field or transition into a different field that you have always dreamt of.  So, what is the solution? 

In his book ‘Awake at Work: 35 Practical Buddhist principles for discovering clarity and balance in the midst of work’s chaos’, Michael Carroll–a Buddhist seminary graduate, a successful businessman and executive coach–offers 35 principles that we can deploy in our work to bring back aliveness to our jobs and get to know ourselves and colleagues at a more direct level, without our habitual foggy glasses!  >Read full article 

Conference table of the soul: Do you include all of you in your decisions? 

We are increasingly faced with more choices and therefore more decisions in our daily lives. Some of these decisions are trivial but some are significant and possibly critical. The question is do you include all of your natural capacities in making decisions or not? By doing so, you can make decisions which are more effective, more natural and aligned with the truth, and  less damaging to you and others.

Well, why not do so by learning more about your capacities, by knowing and experiencing yourself as a whole being and not a partial fragmented one:

Include your head, heart and belly centres in the board meeting of the soul.

By soul here I do not mean an other-worldly, abstract entity; what I mean is the real you, your true self. 

Our  souls  have various sensitivity or capacity centres which might be called the Head, the Heart and the Belly centres.

Let’s imagine our soul as an organisation ran by a Board of Directors. This board is nominally made up of the three centres mentioned but most souls either do not know their directors intimately or have allowed one to become dominant at the cost of the silence or underground activism of the other two. For the full board to work in harmony you should get to know your various centres and be able to hold the three of them together at the boardroom table despite their differences and despite your habitual tendency to only listen to the dominant one. >Read full article

“…When will I get over this…or, will I ever?” 

Torrey Orton shares his therapy room wisdom with us in relation to Recovery from traumatic life experiences 

Over the years a recurrent challenge for many of my clients has been handling a sense of wasted life that they carry with their various inner injuries. The repetition of the question “Will I ever get over this?” emphasizes the difficulty of their recovery challenges. It contains a hope that they could return to some pristine pre-injured state (in themselves) or status (in the eyes of imagined knowing others) struggling with an expectation that they have been inescapably tarnished by their histories.

The good news is that–while it could be daunting–recovery is achievable. In this article I share with you the essence of my experience helping many of my clients presenting with serious, endemic anxiety or depression resulting from traumatic life experiences. >Read full article 

Healing & Change beyond ‘belief’

The new biology, from victim to master of your health

If you feel inadequate in achieving your goals, or feel unhappy about your life, work, relationships or even about your physical health, then it’s time to check your fundamental beliefs and perceptions. Particularly if you know that the unacceptable situation you are in, feels familiar and sort of unavoidable because you seem to keep falling into similar traps time and time again.

Dr Bruce Lipton is a pioneering biologist in the field of epigenetics as well as a prominent  figure in the movement to reintroduce the truth of ancient wisdom back in to science and society. Bruce Lipton was in Melbourne recently and I attended his highly engaging full day seminar. Bruce is also the author of a number of illuminating and empowering books such as ‘Biology of Belief’ and ‘Spontaneous Evolution’. In this post I’d like to share with you one of his key findings which can help us live a healthier happier and more fulfilling life, individually and collectively. 

The power of change is within us! However, to activate the amazing power of mind over genes we must  reconsider our fundamental beliefs–our perceptions and misperceptions–of life.”  >Read full article 

Tennis & Perennial Philosophy!!

In the spirit of the Australian Open tennis; which by the way was one of the reasons why this month’s newsletter was delayed 🙂

Couple of weeks ago, a dear friend, subscriber, and my tennis partner sent me the link to an interesting blog called Timeless Tennis. He told me that after coming across the term Perennial Philosophy in the InnerChange site he started to google and research the concept a little bit further and came across this interesting blog.

It’s actually so true that Perennial Philosophy (ancient wisdom) principles are extremely useful in cultivating mental strength through presence, self-awareness, and self-knowledge.

If you are into tennis, take a look  and let us know what you think.

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Another world, in the Now

a poem by Rumi

What’s the telling sign that there is another world, you ask? / The renewal of the moments, the passing of the old.

A new day, a new night, a new garden, even a new trap / Every breath herald s a new thought; newness is joyfulness, a treasure.

Where does the new come from? Where does the old disappear into? / If not for the truth that; beyond the walls of our perceptions; existence is boundless.

Existence flows like water in a stream; it just appears bounded to us! / The old passes by…the new arrives fresh…forever…where is the Source then?


Translation from Persian Farsi by Hamid Homayouni

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