Rumi Under Night Sky

I just thought to share with you some pictures from my recent program in Alice Springs which was held as a small fundraiser for the people of Nepal affected by the recent earthquakes.

Held in a majestic location; a riverbed near Emily Gap; next to an amazing ancient tree holding us all in her field. About thirty five wonderful  souls gathered around the fire under that exceptionally clear night sky glittered with stars and adorned by the moon. I read Rumi and introduced him and his life story through his poetry. People also loved the readings in Persian; probably connected with Rumi’s words the way he meant it. By the way, I also shared one Hafiz poem, my recent translation I called the “Sufi Big Bang”; or perhaps better called “The Sufi Dreamtime” in that wonderful Aboriginal land.

I am immensely grateful to Suzanne Bryce who organised the event and also to Fiona Walsh for her amazing photos, Jan who added such richness to the atmosphere with her music, Pamela and Peter for their ever unconditional helping hand, and others who helped.

You can see the photos that Fiona took here on Flickr:

Hamid Reads Rumi at Anthwerrke   

All the funds generously donated by the participants (just under $700) have been donated to the Nepalese appeal.