Sensing Looking Listening Mindfulness Practice

This is a powerful yet simple mindfulness practice offered to you as a guided meditation. It has the following benefits:

  • It helps you get grounded and be more positively responsive to life situations when you might be worried or anxious.

  • It helps you improve your body intelligence by being aware of your inner environment, the external environment and being present at the same time.

  • It will also help you to remain more present to your immediate experience and less distracted during our sessions together; hence significantly improving the effectiveness of the sessions.

To see better results, it is important that you make this a daily practice. Mornings are better to set the tone of the day. If difficult, you may do it at nights before going to bed, to relax.
Don’t worry it does not take a lot of your time, after a few days practice, it should only take 10-12 minutes as you can fast forward to the beginning of the guided meditation.

Now relax, listen and let yourself be in the moment.

Depending on your browser, on the next screen, you can either listen online or right click on the player  to download the mp3 file for easy everyday listening.