Achievement by presence: you cannot make halva if you are not home

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Nasreddin (or Nasrudin) is a satirical Sufi figure who is believed to have lived around the 13th century. A contemporary of Rumi; Nasreddin was a populist philosopher and wise man, remembered for his funny stories and anecdotes. Today, I'd like to share with you one of Nasreddin's stories in relation to the wisdom of achieving our true resolutions more effectively by being present.

Vulnerability: the door to being your real self

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Why being vulnerable is being essentially yourself Nobody likes being vulnerable. Besides our survival instinct to protect ourselves from real dangers, we are also gradually conditioned from infancy to protect ourselves from perceived dangers.  At times we can’t help but to contract, panic, freeze, fight, fly in face of no real danger; and this conditioned

The Meaning of Life

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“As human beings, we ask, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ From the perspective of the spiritual journey, the answer can only come from where we are. Thus the meaning of life is revealed in the unfolding thread of each person. Because of that, the meaning changes as each of us

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