8 Surprising Habits that Might Prevent Authentic Happiness

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This a re-post from an article which I liked in the PsychCentral blog. I am sharing it because over time I have seen how such habits inhibit one's authentic happiness. I have come across these and similar conditionings in myself and many clients. Bottom line is the lifetime practice of "questioning the status quo", the self-inquiry and

Dear Rumi…Do I have free will?

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Dear Rumi ... Do I have Free Will?     Do I have free will and choice in life, or is it all predetermined? What do "acceptance" and "surrender" mean in real life? Rumi Calendar Series - Response to the June Question This is an age old unanswered question which Rumi says will never be

Vulnerability: the door to being your real self

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Why being vulnerable is being essentially yourself Nobody likes being vulnerable. Besides our survival instinct to protect ourselves from real dangers, we are also gradually conditioned from infancy to protect ourselves from perceived dangers.  At times we can’t help but to contract, panic, freeze, fight, fly in face of no real danger; and this conditioned

We see what we believe. How reliable is your mind?

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Can you truly see what is in front of you? Is seeing really believing? Can you really see other people’s perspectives? Our minds are amazing but in doing what they are designed to do –particularly in today’s busy world saturated with sensory inputs and information overload– they can filter out critical information in favour of speed of processing. This can lead into seeing and believing a distorted version of what is actually out there, sometimes leading to our blockage and stuckness. What is filtered out is mostly that which we are not paying attention to and hence not present to. These stem from many factors such as just the way a “normal” brain works, as well as our personal histories, our future hopes, our beliefs, fears, desires, thoughts, feelings, emotions and many other factors. Learning to see multiple perspectives and shifting our perceptions is very helpful in discovering new directions which may have always been in front of our eyes. It also helps us be less judgemental, less reactionary and more present. Check out these amazing examples of how our brains distort or reconstruct the reality to suit the context.

Victoria’s Secret model reveals all- Power & superficiality of Image

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I came across this article in The Age by Sarah Berry in relation to  surprising revelations by Victoria’s Secret model, Cameron Russell as to the superficiality of the image and what really goes on behind the glamorous world of modelling to which many young women may aspire! Here is  The Age’s article Power of Image. Watch this short video of Cameron’s TED talk which ends

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