Power of gratuitude

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"This society would fall apart if not for another economy, one in which gifts surpass expectations, in which insufficiency is acknowledged and dependence celebrated." I enjoyed reading this op-ed by David Brooks in New York Times about gratitude and felt like sharing it with you here. It reminded me of a dear Sufi friend of

6 Reasons Everyone’s Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge

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The viral charity phenomenon is based on some sound psychological principles. [Reblogging from Psychology Today] By now, you have likely either participated in or at least observed others take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has swept the nation in recent days. It is amazing how popular this trend has become overnight. Who would have guessed

Warren Buffett – What can we learn from a natural authentic wealth builder?

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Unlike someone like Donald Trump–who despite his billions, everything about him comes across as fake–Warren Buffett is a natural authentic wealth builder; what can we learn from Warren? In relation to our recent theme of money–and that money is not inherently bad or “evil”– I meant to write about the famous billionaire Warren Buffett as

Bill Gates on priorities & right action!

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Bill Gates, co-founder and chairman of Microsoft is the richest person in the U.S. and second richest in the world. During my heyday  in the  software industry I both admired Bill Gates and disliked him. His vision, courage, steadfastness and an acute eye for opportunities to create or revise/copy software was admirable; while his apparent love

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