Make Better Decisions: Include your Three Centres of Intelligence

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Everything we do involves some sort of decision making. Sometimes we make poor decisions, sometimes we do much better; at other times we get stuck and torn between our choices. Whether we are limited in our choices or have too many options; whether the decision we are facing is trivial or critical, one thing is clear; that we all would like to make “better” choices depending on our restrictions and our capacities. We usually know our restrictions but do we know and utilise all of our capacities? The answer is: “most probably not”.

6 Reasons Everyone’s Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge

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The viral charity phenomenon is based on some sound psychological principles. [Reblogging from Psychology Today] By now, you have likely either participated in or at least observed others take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that has swept the nation in recent days. It is amazing how popular this trend has become overnight. Who would have guessed

7 Common Communication Habits that Damage your Relationship

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A short post by Mike Bundrant in the Psych Central blog which I felt like sharing here. "Short post today about some simple communication patterns that harm your relationship. It’s extremely important to put a stop to these, especially if you are married or in a long-term relationship. Enduring a stressful relation actually takes years off

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