Dear Rumi…Do I have free will?

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Dear Rumi ... Do I have Free Will?     Do I have free will and choice in life, or is it all predetermined? What do "acceptance" and "surrender" mean in real life? Rumi Calendar Series - Response to the June Question This is an age old unanswered question which Rumi says will never be

Dear Rumi…Why am I here? Tell me about work and life purpose

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Rumi tells us that yes there is a reason we are here and we do have a true purpose. “Someone said: ‘I have neglected that true purpose.’ Rumi replied: When this thought enters a person’s mind and they criticize themselves, saying, ‘What am I about, and why do I do these things?’ When this happens, it is a sure sign that the person is actually loved and cared for. ‘Love continues so long as reprimands continue,’ said the poet. We may reprimand our friends, but we never reprimand a stranger.” ~Rumi [1]

Dear Rumi…what is true happiness?

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Rumi Calendar – Response to the February Question What is true happiness? Is it something to attain? Should I peruse it? If yes, how? If not, then how can I be happy? Rumi guides us to look for the answer inside our question. We are asking what “true” happiness is. This implies that “false” happiness should

Who is Rumi?

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Mowlana Jalaledin Mohammad Balkhi known as Rumi, poet of the heart, universal teacher of timeless wisdom, mystic and Sufi master was born in 1207 CE in Balkh (today’s Afghanistan, then part of Persia). He died in Konya (Turkey) in 1273. Rumi was a true Moslem. He emphasised that; in essence; he was not “attached” to any nation or creed, he loved all of humanity and respected all true spiritual paths of Oneness.

Messiness is simply being human, so is divinity; listen to Rumi

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"Who am I?" Rumi poem with original Persian recitation Rumi's poetry could be truly transformative. This is one of the ones I loved so much that I decided to translate it to English (Rumi wrote predominantly in his mother tongue, Persian). It beautifully describes the messiness of being a human; struggling with temptations, insecurities, thoughts

Hold your goals lightly, not tightly.

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In a recent seminar, someone asked me about a spiritual experience she often has during meditation and wondered why such beautiful experience repeatedly reaches a certain height and stops despite her longing for it to go higher. My response to her was along the lines that no one really knows, but I wonder why you want it to go “higher”? Is there a value judgement here that the higher the experience the better? It would be worthwhile to explore where such belief comes from for you.

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