This post is dedicated to the spirit of the Australian Open tennis tournament; which by the way was one of the reasons why this month’s InnerChange newsletter was delayed 🙂

Couple of weeks ago, a dear friend, subscriber, and my tennis partner  sent me the link to an interesting blog called Timeless Tennis. He told me that after coming across the term Perennial Philosophy in the InnerChange site he started to google and research the concept a little bit further and came across this interesting blog.

It’s actually so true that Perennial Philosophy (ancient wisdom) principles are extremely useful in cultivating mental strength through presence, self-awareness, and self-knowledge.  And of course, next to  practice, techniques, and fitness; mental strength is probably the most important factor for success  and enjoyment in any sports.

If you are into tennis, take a look  and let us know what you think:

The Perennial Philosophy of Mental Tennis


You may also wish to check this book: ‘The Inner Game of Tennis‘ by Timothy Gallwey.