A natural climber spiralling through its life stages in the ever changing flux of being.

The InnerChange way is not a totally new way, it is founded on Timeless Universal wisdom and is shaped by modern psychological findings to engage and address the real problems we face today. It probably won’t resonate with everyone, but if after exploring our website you feel our approach makes sense, then perhaps it is for you. You can always check it out further by contacting us for a free initial consultation.

Each one of us is a unique being with a unique gift, a unique life purpose. InnerChange offers sensible practical coaching to uncover and live your unique being which is the only truth for you–it is your life purpose. Note the use of the word “uncover”–our essence is timeless and is not something new to be discovered, it has always been and will always be, yet as we grow up we forget our essence and become disconnected from it. The journey of life is one of self-knowing, a journey of uncovering the truth about ourselves.  Anyone slightly curious about how to live a better, more joyful, and meaningful life, has most likely come across the maxim “Know thyself“.

 “An unexamined life is not worth living”  -Socrates

The InnerChange process

A number of steps are outlined below but they are not necessarily concrete isolated steps; they merely illustrate a framework guiding our work together. In practice the InnerChange process is a form of natural change guided by the truth arising from the inner you in the moment.

By helping and guiding you to develop more self-awareness of your personality (your social-self), you’ll get to know more of your subconscious habits, conditioning and entrenched patterns in which you relate to yourself and to others. Your new insights about your self would then give you fresh energy and confidence to follow your natural transformation process and allow it to unfold organically in a manner unique to you.

  1. Get to know your Social self (personality): Starting where you are in your life, together we explore the issue at hand, what’s blocking you, your conditionings and holding patterns–positive or negative.
  2. Get to know your Essential self:  Learn the language of your inner guide and discover the directions your truth is pointing to. Get to know your three centres and learn to include them in your life in a balanced manner: Your head (reasoning), your heart (inner reason, feelings, emotions), and your belly/body (will and strength) centres (see “Make Better Decisions: Include your Three Centres of Intelligence” for more insight into including your three centres)
  3. Test potential directions: By taking baby steps check how such new directions truly feel and how they might integrate with your current life requirements.
  4. Design and begin the move: Design concrete steps and begin your transformation by taking the first steps with all your heart’s guidance and compassion, your head’s worldly reasoning and your belly’s strength.
  5. Sustained change: Your transformation is something unique to your gift, to your life purpose that only you can uncover; yet the manner, in which  it may be expressed by you, is dynamic and subject to change like the whole of existence. Therefore you should learn to sense the flow of universal change and embody it by being present and self-aware.
    1. Presence is being totally in the here-and-now; nowhere else but precisely where you are when you are. Including as much of your being as practical in each moment without fighting or resistance to what is. Noticing things you have not noticed before.
    2. Self-awareness is to monitor your thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations; to inquire into your states with curiosity and without judgement; to get to know yourself at increasingly deeper levels.

Therefore the underlying principle of InnerChange is to Get Out Of Your Own Way (GOOYOW), to stop interfering with your essential self and allow your gift, your calling, your unique purpose to emerge (see also “How to let your purpose find you“). To be able to drop such continual interference–which incidentally feels quite “normal”–you should work on knowing your essential self deeper and deeper in an open and open-ended manner allowing your truth to emerge freely and unbounded. Therefore the sessions overlap and interact; and a lot also depends on the individual’s specific situation and level of stuckness or degree of spaciousness.


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