Download the InnerChange 2013  ‘To-Be List’ Calendar

I’d like to share a little secret with you. Like many others I was under the heavy pressure of multiple ‘to-do’ lists, until one day I decided to also create a ‘To Be’ list for myself.

That was the time when I was struggling to understand and experience simply being  myself without doing. You know the old ‘Doing versus Being’ dilemma. I noticed that, ironically, I was efforting to be!! Then what I discovered was that actually there’s no need to chose one or the other, they are not opposites; both are required and complement each other. The only wisdom is to put priority on practicing  your To-Be list items before putting effort into your to-do items;  you’d be surprised then how much more effective you’ll be  in dealing with your to-do list items:

  1. Create your  To-Be list.
  2. Put your To-Be list before your To-Do list.

Of-course problems will arise, otherwise people who just read the abundantly available advice of the greats and the sages would be  joyful and live stress free lives! The key is to notice the problems that arise and use them to get to know yourself more genuinely; that by itself will be quite helpful in reducing or neutralising the impact of the problems that arise. See Discover yourself: The ‘Wonder Why Why’ method  for a useful self-inquiry method you can practice when problems arise while being the items on your To-Be List.