Values and Ways

Today we have access to myriads of personal development and self-help resources. Some can be very helpful while others over-promise and under-deliver. These include quick fixes and band-aid solutions at best; and harmful ones at worst. At InnerChange I do not offer a “quick fix“; I do not promise magic transformation; on the contrary I know that change takes time and effort, and requires openness, curiosity and commitment. But the good news is that depending on one’s situation and level of commitment, one can begin to see results after a few sessions.

Here are some of my values and ways to facilitate your change:

  • Despite the tough times and all the challenges that life throws at us, at our core, we are naturally okay. We are here to evolve, to grow to our full potential as human beings. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you can achieve anything that you want to, but you can become your unique best. You can find yourself and be yourself; not self-absorbed, but in harmonious relationship with others, the environment and the world.
  • If your life does not feel that way, let’s look into it together.

    • We are all essentially adequately wise, joyful, compassionate, loving, capable and confident. But we usually do not experience ourselves this way or expect too much form ourselves; hence operating at our lower potentials, as only a pale version of ourselves. I can help you work through your blocks and barriers to get back in touch with your innate qualities; to rediscover yourself and live your unique full potential. In other words, to find yourself and simply be yourself.
  • Our work together is practical and outcome-oriented; yet the goals are held lightly not tightly so that the truth of your situation would have a chance to emerge (see Hold your goals lightly, not tightly).

  • My approach is multimodal and includes coaching, psychotherapy, counselling and self-realisation (transpersonal) work; guided by the needs of your situation and truth of the moment. Below are some of the tools and practices that I offer:

    • The Enneagram: Know your personality type and learn effective ways to loosen up your conditioning. Our type is our gift, but it can turn into a curse if we are stuck in our conditioned patterns. We need a mirror to see how we are stuck and a guiding light to point the way out. The Enneagram offers both. See The Guiding Light of the Enneagram.
    • Mindfulness: Demonstrated to be highly effective in stress reduction as well as in providing the ground for better seeing our blocks through higher levels of self-awareness. Includes meditation techniques suited to your situation.
    • Three centres of intelligence: The Head, Heart and Belly or Gut are the three centres of intelligence we usually do not fully utilise. You will learn about your three centres and find practices to utilise them naturally and in harmony. Embodied and present in the now; with your confident courageous gut, compassionate heart, and clear head. See Three Centres of Intelligence).
    • Inner Critic work: Your inner critic is the judge within that makes you feel inadequate, worthless and small by its ongoing commentary. It can also lead you to mess up your relationships by constantly judging others. Get to know your judge and liberate yourself from his/her tyranny. (See Inner Critic resources)
    • Self-inquiry: Learn the practice of open and open-ended self-inquiry in an embodied manner. It can give insights into the unique personal ways you tend to disconnect yourself from your innate qualities. See The ‘Wonder Why Why’ method.

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